Executive Committee (2023-2024)


President Kimberly Parker, NCTM
President-elect Christy Tallamy, NCTM
Past President Lynn Kleisler, NCTM
Vice President/Membership Jennifer Scott, NCTM
Secretary René Johnson, NCTM
Treasurer Mun Lee Han, NCTM
State Chair for Certification Diane Perett, NTCM
IMTF Dr. Rok Palcic
State Chair for Local Associations Roma Scriven, NTCM
State Chair for Collegiate Associations
Dr. Benjamin Corbin


Administrative Board

The Administrative Board consists of all members of the Executive Committee, the Historian, the Parliamentarian, the Local Association Presidents, and the Committee Chairmen.

Historian Michele Carragan
Parliamentarian Laura Cardin

Committee Chairs

MTNA Competitions Chair Dr. Lise Keiter
MTNA Junior Performance Competitions Dr. Rebecca Watson
MTNA Senior Performance Competitions Dr. Lise Keiter
MTNA Young Artist/Chamber Music Competitions Dr. Lynne Mackey
MTNA Student Composition Dr. Samuel Wellman
Collaborative Chair Dr. Richard Masters, NCTM
Commissioned Composer Hope Armstrong Erb
VMTA Bylaws Chair Betty Ann Spiers, NCTM
VMTA Concerto Competition Dr. Susan Ha
VMTA State Auditions Kim Witt, NCTM
Theory Chair Dr. Gianne Ge Zhu
Keyboard Skills Lynn Kleisler, NCTM
Instrumental Skills – Single Line Dr. Wanchi-Huanwx Huang
Sight Reading – Piano Fay Barss
MTNA Foundation Roma Scriven, NTCM
NewsNotes Editor Jeanette Winsor, NCTM
NewsNotes and Yearbook Advertising TBA
Yearbook Editor Carol Cook
Webmaster Dr. Rok Palcic

District Auditions

Coordinator Ellis Dunton
Central Ellis Dunton
Eastern Alisa Bohon
Northern Lori Santos
Southwestern Dr. Matthew Cataldi
Valley Dr. Lori Piitz

Fall Festival

Coordinator Debbie Sacra
Northern Virginia Dr. Donna Whited
Richmond Ellis Dunton
Chloe Fortin
Roanoke Valley Bittsy Hall
Shenandoah Susan Ticknor

Certification Committee

Chairperson Diane Perett, NCTM
Anne James, NCTM
Sharon Stewart, NCTM
Lynn Kleisler, NCTM