Regulations for VMTA Competitions and Festivals

Competition details and applications are available here:
  • Teachers entering students in a VMTA/MTNA event must have had dues processed by MTNA according to the August 1 postmark deadline.
  • The presenting teacher must have paid dues in the state in which the student is entering an event.
  • A student may not enter an event in more than one state. To determine the appropriate state of entry, see individual event requirements in American Music Teacher.
  • The student must have studied with the presenting teacher for at least six of the nine months prior to the event, and must be studying with the presenting teacher at the time of the event. (An exception: The six month requirement is waived for the State Music Festivals).
  • Repertoire and memory requirements for MTNA competitions are as outlined in the AMT June/July issue.
  • The student must provide one copy of the music to be performed for the judges (and another copy for the accompanist, if needed). The judge’s copy must have measures numbered and must not bear the student’s or teacher’s name.
  • No reproductions by hand or machine may be used or provided for the judges. (The only exception occurs when music is out of print or an unpublished manuscript.) In either case, the student must, at each level of competition, present written permission from the publisher or copyright holder to copy the music. The rule is made by MTNA in the interest of professional ethics. This prohibition applies to all VMTA and MTNA competitions, auditions, contest and festivals.
  • Transcriptions, simplified arrangements, and adaptations of popular music will not be accepted as repertory. (Concert transcriptions and transcriptions for instruments with limited solo literature may be used upon approval of the chairman of the event).
  • All music must be performed from memory (The only exception to this rule is a student in level III or IV who plays an avant garde piece in the Festival. In such case, music may be used). You must obtain permission from the chairman of the Festival prior to the deadline.
  • Student classification is based on the grade in school, as follows:
Level I-AKindergarten through Grade Four
Level I-BGrade Five and Six
Level IIGrades Seven, Eight and Nine
Level IIIGrades Ten, Eleven and Twelve
Level IVHigh School Graduates


  • When numerical grades are used in ratings, categories shall be as follows:
Superior95 – 100
Excellent88 – 94
Very Good81 – 87
Good75 – 80
Pass70 – 74
FailBelow 70
  • Students who are past winners of state auditions may repeat the level in performance, provided they conform with grade level and have passed required theory and sight-reading levels. Students who are past winners of the state Concerto Competition may repeat the level in performance, provided they conform with the grade level and different repertoire is performed.
  • Application fees are not refundable. All application fees being submitted for an event must be included in one check written by the teacher. No checks written by students on their personal accounts will be accepted.
  • Deadline means “postmarked no later than the date stated.”
  • In VMTA competitions, the MTNA balloting procedure is the recommended method of determining prize winners.