2023 VMTA Concerto Competition

2023 VMTA Concerto Competition will be hosted online again this year.

Due Dates:

Application deadline (postmarked): 6/9/2023

Deadline for competition recording: 6/16/2023

Announcement of judges’ decision: 6/23/2023


Competition application is available on pages 4-5 of this form.  A confirmation email will be sent by 6/15/2023. Please email the competition chair at scha@nsu.edu if no confirmation is received by this date.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to read and adhere to the rules and guidelines below.  Concerns and questions about the competition should be presented to the competition coordinator by the teacher only.  Entrants who do not follow the guidelines may be disqualified. 


Susan Ha

Norfolk State University/Music
700 Park Avenue

Norfolk, VA 23504



There are two categories:

Division A – students in 8th through 11th grade

Division B – high school seniors and college/university students not yet 27 years of age at the time of the VMTA Fall Conference


Piano, woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, harp, and voice


  1. PIANO—one movement of a standard concerto
  2. WOODWINDS, STRINGS, BRASS, PERCUSSION, HARP—one movement of a standard concerto
  3. VOICE—an opera aria or a standard song with orchestral accompaniment

– Cuts in solo parts are not permitted. Repeats are left to the discretion of entrant.

– Cuts in tutti (piano accompaniment) parts are allowed and encouraged.

– Students are urged to use artistic judgment when planning cuts and omissions. 


  1. Online link to PDF file of the competition repertoire must be provided to the competition chair when submitting the link for the video performance.
  2. All pages must be in a single file.
  3. Soloist may submit either the solo part or the full score.
  4. Mark each measure.
  5. Entrant’s name mustnotappear on the scanned music or the file-sharing platform.


  1. By entering the competition, you agree to abide by all Federal Copyright Laws.
  2. Everyone is asked to complete the Music Release Form verifying that they have permission to use this music.
  3. This form must be submitted to the competition chair when submitting the video recording and music for judges. The recommended format is pdf.


  1. Students will be evaluated in the areas of interpretation and overall artistic effect.
  2. A winner in each category will be selected solely on the basis of the audition performance. 
  3. The decision of the judges is final. If in the opinion of the judges no contestant in a category meets VMTA standards, a winner need not be declared in that area. 
  4. Alternates may be chosen if the judges feel the necessity.
  5. All decisions of the judges are final. 
  6. The Concerto Winners performance is held during the annual VMTA Fall Conference and Competitions.


15 minutes


  1. Application must be completed in full, submitted by the deadline, and include a check from the teacher.
  2. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


  1. $50.00 per application for students studying with VMTA teacher

     $75 per application for students studying with non-VMTA teacher. 

  1. Please make the check payable to VMTA from the teacher and included with application.
  2. The fee is non-refundable unless the category/section is canceled.
  3. Please submit one check per teacher.


  1. Collaboration with an accompanist is recommended for the competition recording.
  2. If entrant is unable to secure an accompanist, pre-recorded accompaniments may be used.
  3. Recordings with no accompanist will be heard by judges for comments only. No prize will be awarded.
  4. Teachers may serve as collaborative pianist.


  1. Videos must be of high quality. Check the following link for tips about recording your videos. https://www.mtna.org/downloads/competitions/tips.pdf
  2. Video recording must be made with one fixed camera angle/location, focused such that the performer and the accompanist (if applicable) are visible at all time.
  3. Entrants should not introduce themselves or announce the piece being recorded.
  4. The repertoire listed on the competition application must be uploaded as an individual video file. No editing is allowed.
  5. Each selection must be labeled with the title and composer without the entrant’s name. For individual movements of a larger work, label with the title, Roman numeral of movement, and composer.
  6. Check your video for sound quality prior to sharing the link with the competition chair.
  7. Use a third party file-sharing platform to upload the video. Youtube is the recommended platform.
  8. Make sure that anyone who has the link to the performance video may view your recording until 6/23/2023.
    9. Entrant’s name mustnotappear on any part of the submitted materials including the video, scanned music, and/or the file-sharing platform.  Anyoe who does not adhere to this rule may be disqualified from the competition.
  9. Email the link to your video performance to the chair of the concerto competition at scha@nsu.edu. Do not forget that your music in PDF file and Music Release Form must accompany your performance recording at the time of submission. Please utilize the third-party file sharing platforms when sending the score for judges. Do not send large files as attachment.
  10. Do not wait until the last day to upload your video online.


The winner’s recital will be held at Old Dominion University at the Fall Conference of VMTA.  There is limited opportunity to perform with an orchestra this year.  Please understand that not all winners may be offered performance opportunity at the Winners Recital with the orchestral accompaniment.  The director of the ODU Orchestra will choose the repertoire which the orchestra will perform at the concert based on availability of music, required size of the orchestra based on repertoire, difficulty of repertoire, etc.  Please understand that performance with a live orchestra is considered, not guaranteed, for each winner.  The first place winners who are not selected to perform with the orchestra may still be featured at a separate winner’s recital during the conference with a piano accompaniment.